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VinoStock provides a user-friendly interface with your existing spreadsheet or creates a new database that you can use independently or import back into a spreadsheet. It is recommended that you keep your original spreadsheet separate and import back into a new spreadsheet for safe-keeping!

Watch the Introductory Video!

It is possible to have your saved VinoStock database imported directly into a cloud based spreadsheet! An overview using Zoho Docs and Reports is provided here!

VinoStock works by importing a Tab Delimited file that you have exported from your spreadsheet. Once imported into the App, you will see it in the Wine Stock window. As with any spreadsheet, it is important to be consistent with your inputs to make any outputs from search commands as accurate as possible. The App will import a maximum of 20 columns with a maximum of 30 characters in any given cell!

You can now search for wines which will appear in the search window. Click on any of the search results to have the options of Reviewing and Editing the wine details or Select it for removal from stock. If you Select for removal, it will appear in the Selections window where you can confirm by clicking on which wines you wish to remove. The App knows how many wines there are in stock and will ask you how many of each wine you wish to remove.

The App will automatically BackUp to a file in your Documents Folder but you should Save your Database as often as possible. It will remind you on Quitting whether you have remembered to Save!

Images and Notes

You can assign a photo of each bottle of wine either when entering it into stock or at a later stage. Photos require to be already available on your computer and be of jpg or png format.

Assign your own tasting notes to individual wines using the Apps integrated Tasting Note Profiler based on a standard set of wine attributes commonly used by Sommeliers!

VinoStock creates a VinoStock folder in your Documents folder in which it stores photos, notes and your Registration Login details.

VinoStock is built using LiveCode and distributed under the GNU General Public License. Details of the License can be viewed here!

Main Button Features

Login... The Registered version of the App requires an internet connection to check your registered email address which is then used as your Login password. This would be setup during the registration process. Without a registered email address, the App runs in Evaluation Mode!

Importing... 'Export' or 'Save As' your existing spreadsheet as a Tab Delimited File and name it appropriately. When you launch VinoStock it will ask you to locate the file. The App will still launch even if you Cancel at this stage but of course the Database will be empty! In order to use the 'Stock Value' feature, it is important to tell the App what descriptors you are using. You can toggle between 'Price', 'Cost' or 'Value' to generate the total value of your stock. The default is 'Price'! Similarly, the App needs to know what descriptor you have used to count your wines ie 'Quantity', 'Number' or 'Stock'. The default is 'Quantity'!

Database... Once Imported, your spreadsheet will appear in the lower left 'Wine Stock' window. The Column Headers you have used will appear in the middle right window and will appear 'greyed'. The top left window is where your wine selections will appear either by using the 'Find' button or clicking on the wine in the 'Wine Stock' window. You can now click on any selected wine to carry out either of two actions... 1) Review the wine details or 2) Select for removal. If you choose 'Review', the Headers window will highlight and the corresponding wine details will appear in the far right window. Click on any Header to add or alter its corresponding content. Click on any of the wine details and Vivino will launch as a related search! When finished, click on 'Update Wine'.

If you choose 'Select', the selected wine will appear in the middle left window where it is ready to be removed from stock. If you click on it in that window, the App will check how many bottles of that wine are in stock and a dialog will inform you and ask you to confirm how many should be removed. When confirmed, the number of bottles will be removed from stock and the 'Check Stock' will automatically be triggered. The process is designed to minimise mistakes by providing several opportunities to back-out of the removal process!

Create a New Database... You can start a new Database at anytime. The App will prompt you to save your current Database if open. The App will lead you through the process of creating 'Column Headers'. You are limited to a maximum of 20 columns which should be sufficient for most purposes. Once complete, you can start adding Wine! Although the App saves as an independent file, it is recommended that you import it into your favourite spreadsheet programme for safe-keeping!

Add a New Column... You can easily add a new column to your Database. It will be added after the last column of your Database.

Swap Columns... You can swap the positions of any two columns at a time.

Re-Name Header... The existing 'Headers' will highlight and you can click on the one you wish to change. This could be useful to re-set the 'Stock Value' to one of the recognised 'Headers' (Price, Cost, Value) to enable the column you use for finances to be added-up automatically!

Reports... The current version of VinoStock reports on 6 pre-defined Headers which are: Country, Producer, Appellation, Colour, Price and Quantity. A future version will incorporate a 'Choice Menu' to report on user-defined Headers!

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