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VinoStock Cloud Sync...

Although your saved Database can be manually re-imported back into a spreadsheet, it is possible to syncronise your database with a Cloud-based spreadsheet using Zoho Docs and Zoho Reports! There may be others but I have found the Zoho Free Account to be more than adequate for the App's purposes!

Sign up with Zoho and download their Zoho Docs sync App for your computer. Once installed, it will ask you to set-up a sync folder.

Save your VinoStock backup to that folder and if you open Zoho Docs on the web, you will see it listed. Open Zoho Reports and create a new Report. It will look like a blank spreadsheet. You can now import new Data by selecting a Cloud-based source and then selecting Zoho Docs where you will see your ViniStock file. Once you have completed the admin section of the Report your VinoStock database will fill-out into the spreadsheet. You can now set-up a schedule as to when it should sync with your Zoho Doc file.

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