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About me...

I bought my trusty MacIntosh Plus which ran at 12Mhz and had a 'huge' external 20mb hard drive back in 1987, I have been hooked on Apple products ever since! With an Architectural background, I used it to draw complex plans (slowly on its 9'' B&W screen) and learned Apple's HyperCard programming language! A lot has changed since then including developing a career in Environmental and Climate issues. Today, I apply this expertise in the world of customised programmes built on the successor to HyperCard... LiveCode!

Crea8 Apps is based near Eaglesham on the southside of Glasgow, Scotland and is ideally based to serve local businesses and interest Groups in the East Renfrewshire and South Lanarkshire areas but remain available to assist wherever you are based!

Hope we can do business together!


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