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App Design Options...


Build around your Website

This is the most inexpensive solution! If you have a great website, why not use its core functionality as part of the App's base design!

Not only will this approach give app users dedicated access to your website but provide opportunities to build in native iOS and Android features to make your app a truly dedicated extension of your online business!

Why rely on existing or potential customers to bookmark you in browser searches when they can explore your entire site from within the App!


Completely Bespoke

Build your App from scratch! This sounds daunting but if you have an idea, it wont take long to establish its feasibility, map out an overall concept and begin the process of design.

There are tens of thousands of Apps out there and our recommendation is to focus on your Business Services or Special Interests and attract a dedicated following of App Users!

What better Marketing can you have but to have your Company or Organisation represented on a Smart Phone delivering news and notifications!