Crea8 Apps

Welcome to Crea8 Apps...

Crea8 Apps designs an publishes Apps for Small to Medium Enterprises and Specialist Interest Groups to help support their Brand or provide a platform to showcase their activities. Crea8 Apps specialises in developing quality Apps at a low cost to accommodate small marketing and content management budgets! We also design Bespoke Applications for Mac and PC. We offer a very personalised service that is customer focused and very cost effective!


App Design Service

Imagine having your own App published in the AppStore! Dedicated to your business delivering concise information, news or product inventory to your customers! For example, you could be a Restaurant... present your Menus, take Table Bookings through your favourite Booking Service, attract more customers with discounts via smart phone vouchers and so much more!

Websites are great but your App is a direct connection with your customers and we can build your Website into a fully fledged iOS or Android App... So much easier to navigate than as a Bookmark in a Browser!


Custom Programme Design

Don't you wish sometimes that you had a personalised programme to run some repetitive task in a more friendly and responsive manner? For example, do you keep a stock inventory in Excel and have to clunkily 'take-out' and put-in' to one of the most powerful and if we are honest, not very user-friendly spreadsheet programmes! We can help by providing your very own, Branded interface that can be designed to give you the information you want at the touch of a button!

Why not download our free Word Game, MacAnagram!... designed in the same LiveCode programming language!